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Our Mission (What is Veritas Leadership?)

Veritas Leadership is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan, campaigning organization vigorously engaged in 1.) public awareness, 2.) learning and development, and 3.) direct, non-violent activism.

Our purpose is to cultivate and advance a practical understanding of and a sustained and widespread commitment to more egalitarian and transformational paradigms of leadership—leadership that focuses on the development and leadership potential of all people—leadership that is congruent with and complementary to the principles of freedom and democracy.

Our broader mission is to help preserve free, open and democratic societies by speaking boldly, honestly and openly about the critical and urgent need to move beyond anachronistic and undemocratic ideologies of power and leadership and toward more transformational and egalitarian principles, paradigms and practices.

Our core efforts are geared toward using leading research and creative communication to craft campaigns aimed at exposing authoritarianism and strengthening the commitment to democratic participation, citizen engagement and transformational leadership.

Our Strategy (How Do We Do It?)

To bring about real and lasting change, we believe it is essential to engage with people on multiple levels. Our strategy, therefore, builds on a framework of increasing levels of engagement and participation, from fostering public awareness, to learning and development solutions, to direct, non-violent activism:
  • Awareness— bringing timely and relevant information into the hands of the people.
  • Learning Solutions—providing opportunities to learn, practice and teach transformational leadership.
  • Activism—putting pressure on our leaders when they act counter to our mission and principles.

Our Core Principles (What Guides Us?)

We believe in and are committed to the core principles of a healthy, genuinely free and truly democratic society; principles which, in themselves, tend toward the cultivation, development and advancement of leaders:
  • Transparency— openly and honestly sharing information, facts and intelligence; veracity.
  • Inclusiveness— providing ample opportunity for everyone to participate; including all those concerned.
  • Collaboration— working together toward shared goals, as a team; united efforts and aims.
  • Reflective Dialogue— creating public space to allow constructive debate, reflection, and intelligent solutions.
  • Egalitarianism— affirming and promoting the equality and inherent value of all people.
  • Freedom— free or at liberty to hold and express opposing views; capacity to exercise free will and choice.
  • Trust— having faith in; confidence in the character and competency of others; belief in one's integrity.

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