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Leadership Lessons of the Cuban Missile CrisisLeadership Lessons of the Cuban Missile Crisis: The Cuban Missile Crisis was a turning point in the Presidency of John F. Kennedy and a defining moment in the perceived power and position of the United States in geopolitical affairs. With the potential for a nuclear holocaust and the world on edge, Kennedy's skillful handling of this crisis forever marked him as a leader among Presidents. Yet, the steps he took and the lessons we learned from this experience are equally applicable to organizations today. Contact us to learn more.
Leadership Lessons of Ben FranklinLeadership Lessons from Benjamin Franklin: Benjamin Franklin is one of America's greatest heroes. An inventor, a diplomat, a public servant, a political theorist, an author, a statesman, a scientist, a satirist, a civic activist—Ben Franklin was all of these things and more. And he excelled at many of them. He was a true Renaissance man and a leader in every sense of the word. One of the greatest things about Ben Franklin was that he genuinely cared about America and helping others succeed. And to that end, he was willing to share many of his secrets to success. These lessons are with us today and, with few exceptions, they are equally important to individuals and organizations alike. Contact us to find out more.
Leadership Lessons from Winston ChurchillThe Leadership Lessons of Winston Churchill: Winston Churchill has been called the "Man of the 20th Century." Churchill stands out for his courage, his initiative, his communication skills, his ability to strategize and work with others toward a shared goal and his Herculean appetite for work. To this day, Churchill stands as one of the greatest legends of leadership the world has ever known. Dwight Eisenhower, Charles de Gaulle, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon and many other leaders today look to Churchill as a role model. Churchill's leadership can be particularly valuable to leaders dealing with uncertainty and change. Contact us to learn more.

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The Great Gap in Leadership DevelopmentThe Great Leadership Gap & the Need for a New Way of Thinking About Leadership: This speech discusses the widespread failure of leadership throughout society and how we need to transform our way of thinking about leadership in order to maintain America's position as a leader among nations. Contact us to learn more.
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